Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai Herbal Hot Compress has been used as an ancient healing system for muscle problems such as muscle ache and pain for centuries in Thailand. This kind of treatment is believed to be particularly good for stimulating circulation, known to boost energy flow that is vital for health. In Traditional-Northern Thai therapy herbal sachet is used to complement massage that treat illness. The heat, further, can help to relax and open the pores in order to help absorb herbal ingredients.

Thai Massage

This heated muslin parcel consists of aromatic herbs and spices that are wrapped in unbleached natural cotton and infused in hot water or steam. The herbal sachet can be used in several ways through using hands to apply soothing strokes to full massage or placing it onto acupressure points of your body to relieve muscular aches.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage er først og fremmest en form for terapeutisk massage form, der både berører krop og sjæl. En behandling skaber ro, balance og harmoni i kroppen, ligesom sanser og muskler får en opfriskning. Thai Massage hjælper med at genskabe kroppen fleksibilitet, og på trods af den rolige massage, tilføres kroppen ny energi som hjælper med at hæve både selvværd og fysisk udholdenhed. Thai Massage er et effektivt hjælper værktøj mod de fleste muskelrelaterede lidelser som f.eks. hovedpine, ondt i ryggen, uro i benene og generel slaphed. men det virker kun hvis man har tid og tålmodighed til at få massagen udført rigtigt. Thai massagen kan også hjælpe med at fremme helingen af sportsskader og andre typiske forstrækninger.

Thai Massage is an ancient art which is very popular throughout the world. Danes know it from their vacations to Thailand, where masseuses often practice their trade in temporary tent-like shelters in order to avoid the burning sun.
These massages, though no-doubt pleasant in their own right, are often offered by people who lack proper training. We aim to provide a higher level of service, which is often difficult to obtain outside Thailand.

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